Elevate Your Loved Ones Care: The Finest Hospice Care Options with Serenity Hospice Care

Why Pick Serenity Hospice Care

Choosing hospice care for a loved one is a big deal. At Serenity Hospice Care, we get how important this choice is and aim to give top-notch care. We offer professional in-home services and all-around palliative care that focus on dignity, comfort, and quality of life.

Professional In-Home Services

Hospice care usually happens at home, where things are familiar and comfy. At Serenity, we’re proud to offer professional in-home services that fit each patient’s needs. While we don’t provide 24/7 nursing care, our team is always ready to help and guide you.

Every family’s situation is different, so we offer flexible care options. Whether your loved one is at home, in a nursing home, or an assisted living facility, we’re dedicated to giving the best compassionate care. Check out our in-home hospice care services to see how we can support your family.

All-Around Palliative Care

Our care goes beyond just handling physical symptoms. We offer palliative care that aims to improve life quality for patients and their families. This includes managing pain, providing emotional and psychological support, and offering spiritual care if wanted.

Palliative care is a key part of hospice care, helping patients live as fully and comfortably as possible. It doesn’t aim to cure a life-limiting illness, but it also doesn’t speed up death. Our mission is to affirm life and see death as a natural part of it (Verywell Health).

To learn more about our palliative care services and how they can help your loved one, visit our website.

When looking at hospice care options, it’s important to pick a provider that matches your family’s values and expectations. At Serenity Hospice Care, we’re committed to giving compassionate and comprehensive care. We invite you to explore our hospice care services to see if we’re the right fit for your family’s needs.

Hospice Eligibility Guidelines

When you’re looking into hospice care options, knowing who qualifies is key. At Serenity Hospice Care, we stick to the rules set by doctors and regulators to make sure we give the right care to those who need it most.

Who Can Get Hospice Care?

A patient can get hospice care if a doctor thinks they have six months or less to live if their illness follows its usual path. The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services sets these rules, and patients have to meet them to start getting hospice care.

Hospice care is for those with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of about six months or less. Patients might switch to hospice care when they choose comfort over trying to cure their illness (Verywell Health).

Unlike palliative care, which can start at any stage of illness, hospice care kicks in when there’s a life expectancy of six months or less. When treatments to cure the illness stop working or the patient decides to stop them, hospice care becomes the go-to option (Verywell Health).

Doctor’s Call

These guidelines help figure out if someone can get hospice care, but they don’t replace a doctor’s judgment (VITAS Healthcare). The doctor will look at a mix of symptoms to decide if hospice care is right.

At Serenity Hospice Care, we team up with doctors to make sure we give the right care. We look at the doctor’s opinion, the patient’s wishes, and the family’s input to make a care plan that fits each person.

If you’re thinking about hospice care for yourself or a loved one, talk to a healthcare provider about hospice care near me. They can give you tips and help you make a smart choice about hospice care providers and end of life planning.

Support Services Offered

At Serenity Hospice Care, we get it—hospice care isn’t just about tending to physical needs. It’s about making sure our patients and their families feel supported and at peace.

Always-On Expert Support

We’re here for you, day or night. Our 24/7 expert support means there’s always someone ready to help, answer questions, and make sure everything’s taken care of, no matter the time. Think of it like having a friend who’s always just a call away. Our dedicated team is on standby, ready to provide relief for families and caregivers. For more details about our in-home services, check out our in-home hospice care page.

Caregivers Support Group

Caring for someone can be tough, and sometimes you need a place to share and learn. Our Caregivers Support Group is just that—a safe space to talk about your experiences and get advice. Led by a Master’s level counselor and a volunteer caregiver, these meetings are all about support and understanding. You’ll find others who know exactly what you’re going through and can offer a shoulder to lean on.

Our mission is to offer a full range of hospice care services, covering not just medical needs but also emotional and psychological support for caregivers. We believe that by providing these services, we can make the end-of-life experience a bit more comforting for everyone involved. To find out more about what we offer, visit Serenity Hospice Care.

Caregiving Help You Can Count On

At Serenity Hospice Care, we get it—caring for a loved one at the end of their life is tough. That’s why we’re here to offer you all the support and resources you need to make this time a little easier.

We’re all about giving you the best hospice care options. So, we’ve rounded up some top-notch Caregiving Resource Links. These links take you to other websites that are packed with useful info and support for caregivers. You’ll find everything you need to know about end-of-life care, dealing with grief, and more.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:

  • What hospice and palliative care are all about
  • Tips for end of life planning
  • How to cope with grief and loss
  • Support just for caregivers

Dive into these resources and arm yourself with the knowledge to help your loved ones during their time in in-home hospice care.

Local Support You Can Trust

Online resources are great, but sometimes you need a local touch. We’ve got you covered with Local Resources that include contact info for organizations ready to help caregivers. Think of groups like Albright Life, American Cancer Society, Lancaster County Office of Aging, United Way LINC, Lancaster County Council of Churches, and more.

These local heroes can help with:

  • Medical gear and supplies
  • Getting you from A to B
  • Community support groups
  • Financial advice and help with hospice care costs

We believe these resources, along with our full range of palliative care services, can really make a difference for you and your loved ones. Our team at Serenity Hospice Care is always here to lend a hand and support you through this journey.

Specialized Care Guides

At Serenity Hospice Care, we get it—every patient is one-of-a-kind, and so are their needs. That’s why we’ve got specialized care guides to cater to specific situations, like dementia and end-of-life care.

NPHI Dementia Care Guide

Dementia is tough, not just for those who have it but for their caregivers too. To help you through this, we offer the NPHI Dementia Care Patient & Caregiver Guide. This guide sets the gold standard for mid to end-stage dementia care.

It’s packed with useful info to tackle the questions and worries of both patients and caregivers, making sure high-quality dementia care is available right at home.

Folks with dementia or Alzheimer’s might qualify for hospice if they show a big drop in cognitive abilities, have trouble swallowing, or get diagnosed with pneumonia or sepsis (Crossroads Hospice).

This guide is a lifesaver for families dealing with dementia, helping them provide top-notch in-home hospice care for their loved ones.

Personalized End-of-Life Care

End-of-life care is a deeply personal experience. At Serenity Hospice Care, we aim to provide comfort and support to help patients and families navigate serious illness through the end of life.

We know how crucial dignity, care, and comfort are in the final stages of life. Our goal is to offer the best end-of-life care possible. Our dedicated team works closely with the patient and their family to create a care plan that respects the patient’s wishes.

Our end of life planning services cover everything from managing symptoms to providing emotional and psychological support. We’re here to make this tough time as comfortable and meaningful as possible for everyone involved.

When it comes to our hospice care options, we believe in personalized, compassionate care. Our specialized care guides ensure your loved one gets the best care in their final days. For more details on our services, visit Serenity Hospice Care.

Patient Stories

Our commitment to top-notch hospice care shines through in the stories of those we’ve helped. Here, we share the heartfelt experiences of Jon Wiant and Cris Abrams, who both trusted Serenity Hospice Care for their loved ones.

Jon Wiant’s Story

Jon Wiant turned to us when his wife needed end-of-life care. His heartfelt words capture the essence of our service and the compassion we offer. “I wish I had reached out to the hospice program sooner for my wife. Knowing about hospice care options is crucial,” he shared (Hospice Foundation).

Jon’s experience highlights the importance of early planning and being aware of available hospice care options. At Serenity Hospice Care, we prioritize providing detailed information about our services, including in-home hospice care and hospice care costs, to help families make well-informed decisions.

Cris Abrams’ Story

Cris Abrams also chose Serenity Hospice Care for her family member battling Alzheimer’s disease. She expressed, “Saying goodbye to a loved one is incredibly tough. The challenges of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s are immense”.

Cris’s story underscores the emotional journey of providing end-of-life care to a loved one with Alzheimer’s. It also highlights the vital role our palliative care services and professional caregivers play in supporting families during these tough times.

These stories reflect the dedication of Serenity Hospice Care to offer compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients and their families. We are honored to serve those in need of hospice care, including specialized care for cancer patients, and are committed to delivering the highest standard of service.

Getting to Know Hospice Care

Thinking about hospice care for a loved one can be tough. We at Serenity Hospice Care want to make it easier by giving you all the info you need to make the right choice for your family.

Who Can Get Hospice Care?

Hospice care kicks in when a doctor says someone has about six months or less to live if their illness runs its usual course (VITAS Healthcare). The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services also have rules about who qualifies. There’s no magic list of symptoms, but a mix of them can show if hospice is the right call. Want more details? Check out our piece on end of life planning.

What Services Are Covered?

Hospice care is for folks with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of six months or less. It can happen at home, in nursing homes, assisted living places, or hospice centers.

Services include medical care, pain relief, emotional support, and spiritual help. At Serenity Hospice Care, we offer in-home hospice care so your loved one can stay in a familiar place during this tough time.

Good news: Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans usually cover hospice services. Curious about costs? Check out our article on hospice care costs.

Choosing the right hospice care for your loved one is a big deal. We make sure all our patients get top-notch care and support. Take a look at our palliative care services to see how we can help make things a bit easier for you and your family.

Pain Management in Hospice Care

At Serenity Hospice Care, we know that keeping pain in check is key to giving our patients the best care possible.

Why Pain Management Matters

Hospice care is all about managing pain and symptoms to keep patients comfy and give them the best quality of life they can have. Our team checks on a patient’s pain every visit, using different pain rating scales and their own know-how.

Pain management isn’t just about physical pain. It also tackles emotional and spiritual pain. Our plan might include meds for anxiety, plus visits from a social worker and chaplain to help with emotional and spiritual needs (Crossroads Hospice).

We get that every patient is different, so our hospice care services are customized to fit each person’s needs.

Pain Assessment Scales

Figuring out and talking about pain levels is a big part of hospice care. Our team uses several pain management scales, like the 0-10 Numeric Pain Rating Scale, the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale, and the FLACC scale.

The FLACC scale is great for patients who can’t talk about their pain, whether they’re nonverbal or asleep. It looks at five things: face, legs, activity, crying, and how easily they can be comforted.

Pain Assessment Scales Description
Numeric Pain Rating Scale Ranks pain from 0 (no pain) to 10 (worst pain ever).
Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale Uses faces to show pain levels, good for those who can’t talk about their pain.
FLACC Scale Looks at face, legs, activity, cry, and consolability. Used for those who can’t communicate their pain.

Using these scales, our team can keep track of, manage, and lessen our patients’ pain, making their time with us more comfortable. To find out more about our pain management and other hospice care services, check out our in-home hospice care page. Our dedication to top-notch hospice care makes us a go-to choice for families looking for hospice care near me.

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